The FORUM Brand – FAQs

Please refer to these frequently asked questions (FAQs) to learn more about the FORUM brand update and name change.


Why is FedHealthIT changing its name to FORUM?

After nearly a decade in business, FedHealthIT has been listening to our community of both Government and Industry leaders and executives, and they’ve asked us to offer expanded services that best meet their needs and continue to help them make sense of the Federal contracting landscape.

Therefore, we updated our brand to include our new name, FORUM: where Government and Industry connect.

Changing our name to FORUM and updating our brand presencegives us a broader platform to expand the communities we serve, and bring more new and innovative services to bear.

What is FORUM?

Here’s the official description of FORUM:

FORUM is the home of modern federal contracting, where Industry executives and Government agency leaders access the trusted resources and thriving community that both groups rely on to succeed. The go-to platform for helpful content and innovative events and awards spanning every federal department, FORUM is where Government and Industry connect to forge valuable relationships and advance their missions.

In simpler terms, FORUM is the place where Government and Industry connect, and we make that possible by offering news, insights, events and awards to the Federal contracting and Government agency leaders and executives that make up our community.

How will FORUM be different from FedHealthIT?

While FORUM will be very similar to FedHealthIT in terms of service offerings, our high-touch customer service, etc., we’d like to use the FORUM brand and platform to expand the types of services we offer in the future…thus the tagline, “FORUM is FedHealthIT, and so much more.”

We’ll continue to include the FedCiv and Defense markets as part of our community, and as we’ve already done with our Disruptive Tech and Leading for Impact flagship events.

We’ll also continue to offer more multimedia programming like podcasts, video series and the like, that feature Industry and Government leaders.

Will you still offer the same services?

Yes, we will still offer many of the same core services as we did under FedHealthIT:

  • News that is powered by G2Xchange
  • Insights for each of the main agencies we serve under the Health vertical (CMS, HHS, VA, MHS)
  • Flagship events (with a new one added this year, the FORUM Small Business Awards!)
  • Multimedia insights like the following:
    • Keeping IT Brief, Afternoon Tea, and Impact podcast series
    • Afternoon Tea-V and The Room video series
    • Exclusive interviews in conjunction with our webinars and flagship events
  • o Smaller events and webinars (like the T4NG2 webinar series, our presence at the HIMSS conference, etc.)


Did FedHealthIT get purchased?

No. The change from FedHealthIT to FORUM is in name only.

Did your company merge with another company?

No; FORUM is still a standalone entity as it was before we changed the name.

What happened to MileMarker10?

The MileMarker10 name and brand was discontinued as a publicly facing entity in 2022 and will not be used in conjunction with FORUM.

FORUM and G2Xchange

What is FORUM’s relationship with G2Xchange?

FedHealthIT and G2Xchange (G2X) were two separate business entities, and that remains true under the FORUM brand.

FedHealthIT has always partnered successfully with G2Xchange, and we will continue to do so under the FORUM brand, with activities such as featuring G2X news content on our web site, and co-sponsoring events like webinars and happy hours.

How are FORUM’s services different from G2Xchange?

G2Xchange offers a subscription-based service that provides users with up-to-date news on recent Government contracting opportunities, Industry job moves, protests of contract awards, and agency intelligence for Health, FedCiv and Defense.

FORUM also offers news and insights, but with a stronger focus on multimedia offerings (interviews, webinars, video) that feature Government and Industry’s leaders, and with a focus on unique perspectives, ideas and innovation that advance the pursuit of Government missions.

FORUM’s flagship events and awards honor and celebrate the best and brightest in Federal contracting, and we will present five of these each year:

  • Disruptive Tech Summit
  • FORUM Innovation Awards
  • FORUM Small Business Awards
  • Leading for Impact – Women in Leadership Conference
  • FORUM IT 100


How does the change to FORUM affect my current sponsorship(s)?

The switch to the FORUM brand will not affect any current sponsorships in existence today.

Sponsor ads for the web will appear on our new FORUM web pages, and sponsors will be notified of this change accordingly.

Will you have other sponsorship opportunities available under FORUM?

Yes; we are looking at new and different ways to incorporate sponsorships into other service offerings like podcasts, video, and specialized opportunities (exclusive stories or multimedia projects).


Does my account information change under FORUM?

No; your account information with us will remain the same.

Did your billing address change?

No; our FORUM billing address is still the same.

Who should I make my checks out to?

You can make checks payable to FORUM, LLC.

Web/Social Media

Where can I find the FORUM web site?

The new FORUM web site can be found at (site will be active on 3.23.23)

Did your social media accounts change to FORUM?

Yes; our LinkedIn and Twitter social media accounts will all change to the FORUM name and branding on 3.23.23.